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Jonah Joyner Photography

I'm Jonah and I'm glad you're here!  I've been shooting weddings  since 2000.  I love photography; I shoot everything from landscapes, real estate, portraits, events, and just about anything else in between.  But it's the weddings where I have the most fun because I know the images I take will be cherished forever.  I enjoy the challenge as well as the responsibility and work hard to ensure my clients have as much fun as possible.  If your priority is beautiful images and enjoying the experience -- I'm your guy.  My goal is to help people relax and have fun, to be themselves, and to capture people at their best.

Things I like:  traveling, exploring, hiking, camping, snowboarding, beer, whisky, cigars, books, and learning knew things.


Things I love: family, friends, and God.  


Contact me today for a custom quote; I look forward to hearing from you!